Sunday, January 28, 2007

Six Nations: Update from the Grande River January 27, 2007

Yesterday we had the main table meeting as scheduled. And if you watch CH TV 11, you'll see that the position of the Crown hasn't changed, and they've once again utilized the media as if to proclaim something new or great. It's nothing new, and it certainly doesn't offer any new evidence of any sale or lease. They merely rely on minutes of a meeting, they try to say that the oral history will play no part in a court of law, and it simply is not true. The document that they refer to is nothing more than an OPINION! It is not FACT, nor is it the LAW. And furthermore, it is not surprising. We expected as much from them. Did you really think they were going to make some great announcement and admit that they had in fact stolen our lands, stolen the lease monies, and made up fraudulent land deeds for all those living within the tract. Not likely! They will continue with their tactics of using the threat of courts to try and discourage us. What they failed to mention was that we are not in their court system, their court system will play no part in this resolution process, and that the LAW which they are obligated to follow, according to our relationship and ancient covenants, is the Two Row. They have just as much responsibility to it as we do, and they have many generations of neglect to answer to. There is nothing on that Two Row that leaves room for their DOJ opinion and for that matter, there is nothing on the Two Row that allows them to defend their actions. There is nothing that they can say to absolve them for violating the Law of Creation. They can only begin to right the wrongs, if they are serious about this resolution process.

Does their position worry us.............not one bit. Does our position worry them............what do you think! Do you think the fact that they've had a complete oral history, backed up by written documentation and historical evidence of facts presented to them; against their pathetic position of "the courts would find in our favour" without an ounce of documentation to back it up might worry them. Their recent action is is like a school yard fight when the bully gets busted for his actions, and he desperately tries to deflect away from his own actions by pointing fingers at everyone else, and making an issue of everything else but the issue at hand. That's all this is. Another smoke screen. Today, the issue at hand is the Haldimand. Just because the law they refer to in their DOJ opinion is an ever changing law that is designed for them to always win, doesn't mean its never been challenged. And our legal opinion says that there are plenty of cases in recent past that challenges their position and in fact where the Supreme Court of Canada has disagreed with the position of the DOJ. So if they think by bluffing we're gonna fold, forget it! But again, we're not talking about their laws, nor are we in their courts. They need to get honest with their citizens. They know that they have frauded the Onkwehonweh, and they know they have frauded the people of Caledonia, as well as the rest the people living in the municipalities, towns and townships along the grand. And they know they can't continue to try and bully their way through this lesson. Only this isn't the playground or school yard. And if the Crown wants to continue to challenge the Creator by undermining the Law that we are standing in defense of, so be it. As long as they understand the consequences of such actions. sas C